V66 – By creators, For creators

V66 represents everything that original storytelling is all about. Creativity. Expressions. Explorations of mediums. Emotions. Freedom and Collaborations.

We are a collective of storytellers in different mediums from books, digital books, movies, podcasts, series, illustrations, virtual reality, augmented reality, spatial computing and whatever the future of storytelling could hold.

We’ve moved together to give each story – we call them IPs – a better opportunity to expand and be enjoyed in all suitable mediums for that IP.

In our house you can record your podcast, edit your movie, add special effects and talk to experts in any of the fields.
We have 3 Podcast studios available to rent with state of the art technology. 5 film editing and audio editing rooms also them with state of the art technology available to rent.

If you wish to book any of our studios more than 30 days in advance, for access outside our registered office hours or for a longer period of time than 1 day. Please contact studio(a)v66.se

You can rent our studios on available times for SEK 700/h (excl VAT)

Welcome to the future of original storytelling!


By the way – here are some of the production companies that trust our studios:  Art & Bob, Soundtelling, Naudio